Tuesday, 12 November 1996

Welcome to New Plymouth

We were taken on a trip into New Plymouth, to Marsland hill, with the carillon and war memorial, and the views from Churchill Heights. At the lee breakwater, 4m swells were washing over the top leaving standing water on the beach car parking behind. Fortunately there were paths elsewhere high enough above that we could watch the waves - at Paraitutu, to watch the surf crashing against the rocks, and along at the East End.

After lunch at the RSA club, we had a visit to the black volcanic sand beach at Oakuna, and then to a little vinery (Cottage Wines) that specialised in non-grape wines (it has more status there than the home-brew elderflower plonk in the UK), with feijoa being a specialty.

Dinner at the eat-all-you-can buffet at the Devon Hotel - a good place for those who like oysters which, along with green-lip mussels, are a local delicacy.

Another wet and windy night with no sign of the mountain.

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