Sunday, 5 July 1998

Kundalini (4th Aug 1995 - 5th July 1998)

Sadly run over during her wanderings, Kundalini was a pedigree Asian Smoke ( a Burmese variety with a black outer coat, and white underfur). She grew from this enormously cute phase into a the same sort of rough tough alley-cat hunter as Shen was; though remained ridiculously cute when she wanted to be.

Here she is at about nine months, showing off her bald patch after being spayed; and she kept the habit of rolling over to display her belly when she felt like being cute - as this later photo shows.

She clearly domesticated at least one other household, caught any rodents that attracted her attention, and any bird or insect unwarily flying past, and scavenged where the opportunity permitted. At least she didn't followed Shen in bringing home bits of other peoples' Sunday lunch; but her wanderings did take her across a fairly busy road, alas.