Wednesday 28 September 1994


This tour started out the same as last year's, getting to the same base at Chitenay.

This tour started by heading east into the Sologne. Alas, while in the previous year, autumnal weather at home turned into summer in France, this time we weren't so lucky. En route to Ferté we went past the Gormenghastian bulk of Chambord (above) - those tiny specks by the gate are people and the windows in the outer wall are about 20 foot tall - on the only good day.

The next day dawned fine, and we headed north to Beaugency on the Loire, where we found an excellent place to lunch, the Crep'zeria (just follow the main street north from the bridge, and it's on the right after no more than 100 yards). Hhere I was befriended by M. Bob, who decided that anyone who gave him the rinds from his ham was a friend for life.

But as we cycled back, the heavens opened. Next day we were at least spared thunderstorms, but there was frequent drizzle and rain. With the temperature having fallen from 21C on arrival to under 10C, the thirty mile journey to Romorantin was highly unpleasant (though we found an excellent place for lunch).

With rain and cold continuing, we didn't go far afield during our stop at Romorantin; just wandered around, with frequent stops for shelter. The main feature I remember of the town is its displays of flowers as pictures or more elaborately such as in this topiary peacock.

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